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Our Platform

Introducing the web3 Gaming Metaverse Engine

1) GoNFTY Gamebench

Games library for curated web3 games published on our platform, including partner games, games created in-house, and our very own metaverse with an in-game NFT marketplace.
  • GoNFTY Metaverse
  • Mobile games
  • Browser games
  • PC games

GONFTY Metaverse (coming soon)

GoNFTY World 3D Virtual World

Mobile Games (coming soon)

Chronicles of Poleis Text Quest
Cyber Samurai Pixel Hero 2D Platformer
Neon Night Fighter 3D Game

2) GoNFTY Marketplace

A cross-chain NFT marketplace for web3 games. This platform allows users to buy and sell gaming assets.
This marketplace helps facilitate monetization of metaverse gaming experiences, creates new revenue streams for game developers and empowers players to take control of their digital assets.

Discover unique NFTs

A cross-chain NFT marketplace optimised for web3 games. This platform that allows users to buy and sell unique collectibles.
  • Buy, Sell, and Mint gaming assets
  • Fast, frictionless email registration with instant wallet set-up
  • Flat payments
  • Convenient search and filters:
    • By game
    • By type
    • By collection
    • By popularity
    • By utility
    • By price

3) GoNFTY Studio

Creator studio with toolkits to enable anyone to create their own games and virtual world experiences integrated with chain-agnostic web3 technologies:
Avatar Creator for personalized digital characters
Games Creator with templates and AI tools for game development
Web3 Toolkit with NFT minter and cross-chain NFT bridging